Who is Jewelies?

A gamer, an amateur photographer, graphic & web designer, a bit of a geek and a pinch of a nerd. All in all, she is me. My name is Danielle, I’ve been on the internet since I was a kid, which was quite a while ago. I started with my first computer an IBM with an 80286 intel processor, at the time the only internet access was available through local BBSes (Bulletin Board Systems), which I played games, got e-mail, and browsed Usenet newsgroups. I racked up quite a few phone bills while trying to discover places further away. Why did long distance calls cost so much back then? I digress. I have a wonderful husband and 4 animals that have saved me a few times in their lives. I love collecting things, like Hello Kitty, Blizzard, Barbies, Cabbage Patch Kids, and BB-8 related items. Some (my husband) would say, I have a problem (ahem! I can quit anytime!). I love watching movies, reading books, and listening to music (I want to take up an instrument at some point, #goals). Honestly, There is a reason I listed “gamer” first, I’ve been playing games of all times since I was a kid. I love board games, video games, really any kind of game. I’ve played World of Warcraft the longest, consistently. I have a group of friends that I would always consider being friends, and just not in the game. Finally, most of us met together for a real LAN party.