Call for V-Go users

Back in June, my endocrinologist suggested we try a new device called V-Go that delivered insulin to me 24 hours. First thought, This is an insulin pump, right? Nope, It’s a mechanical insulin delivery system (medical device to most insurance companies). This little pod has changed my life in the most profound way. Not that the device is perfect, but It gave me a true sense of my abilities to make changes in my life and how I want to live going forward. For the first time, I had numbers in the range of normal within 24 hours. I felt liberated and in control of my health. That realization allowed me the freedom in my mind to make the right decisions and follow through with them. This included my diet, my exercise and my attitude about accomplishing goals (not just healthy goals), while I endured one of the most challenging phases of my life as my mother moved into our home for health reasons. Within a week, I truly felt like I had risen from the dead. I had energy, I had ambition, I was making goals and I was happy all while transitioning to living and taking care of my mother. I just find it amazing this one little thing became the catalyst for some much change in my life. Although, I’m not crazy about the amount of plastic waste it produces, what it has done for my well-being in so many aspects of my life, I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

As I began exploring a social support system for myself as a v-go user, I found very little in the way of community support that was outside of the Manufacturer’s website. Long story, short I created a Facebook group for V-Go users. If you find this post, please join the small, but friendly facebook group for V-Go users. #vgousers

V-Go Users purpose is to provide a support system to help v-go users improve their Blood Glucose numbers and A1Cs to prevent further damage to our bodies. We share tips, ideas and general knowledge during our journey as a diabetic. We also promote tolerance and emotional support, not judgment. If you are a new or previous V-go User, please check us out.